Better Homes & Gardens Fold Basket, Set of 4



Product Description

Set of 4 Folding Cube Baskets. Organization is made is easy with this 4 Pack of Better Homes & Gardens Foldable Cube Baskets. Each basket is handwoven with natural water hyacinth fibers in an arrow weave pattern over a sturdy metal frame .These cube baskets are the perfect choice to help keep your space clean and organized. Placed in any room/closet/cubby, the baskets provide a functional yet fashionable storage option that blend with any style decor in your home.The cut out handles make for easy lifting and can easily be folded and stored when not in use. Ideal for organizing spaces, this 4 pack of cube backsets will help you achieve that goal of having a well-kept fashionable home.

Better Homes & Gardens Folding Cube Baskets, Set of 4

  • Adds style and functionality to your home
  • Bring natural texture to any space in your home
  • Declutter your home and create dedicated storage for toys, supplies, food and more

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