DCH Frozen Dog Toy Dog Tooth Brush Chew Toys for Summer Cooling Grinding Stick Gnawing (Blue)




Product Description

  • [Multifunctional dog toy] This product is a multifunctional pet dog toy, which integratesmany functions such as cooling and quenching thirst, grinding and cleaning teeth, andimproving intelligence. Multiple designs can attract pet dogs to have more fun andimprove their happiness and security
  • [Molar teeth cleaning toy] The simulation ice-lolly design combines the cute shapesof ice-lolly and bones , which can more attract pet dogs desire to bite . The originaldesign of zigzag grinding teeth , arranged horizontally and vertically , can deeply cleanpet dogs molars , incisors and sharp teeth . Effectively remove all kinds of scum , dirtand dental calculus on the teeth of pets , and fully protect the oral health of pets .
  • [Cooling and thirst quenching toys] Put the toy in clean water, use your fingers to squeeze thetop of the toy to let the water flow into the toy through the hollow hole, and then place the toyhorizontally in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. After freezing for 1-2 hours, it can betaken out for the pet dog to lick, used as a cooling for dogs. When the pet dog is playing andbiting, the toy is heated, and the melted ice water will flow out through the hollow hole.
  • [Water floating toy] When the dog is bathing or going out to swim you can put the toydirectly into the water for the pet dog to use . The toy can float on the water surfaceallowing the pet dog to play with the toy in the water and let the dog have more fun
  • [Good Toothbrush ] The ice-lolly stick at the bottom of the toy is made of nylon , which isextremely resistant to chewing . It can be taken out directly and used as a chew toy for pet dogs .The tooth cleaning channel of the toy can be smeared with special pet toothpaste or foodattractant , which will have a better tooth cleaning effect on the pet dog , and truly realize thefunction of brushing their teeth when the pet dog is playing.
  • [Good for your dog ] The toy is made of a new and upgraded chew-resistant soft TPRmaterial , which can resist prolonged bites from pet dogs . It can be applied to all kindsof large , medium and small dogs , and will not be bitten by prolonged use . But for thedog’s health , we recommend that you use it for no more than 20-30 minutes a day .

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