Disney Minnie Mouse “Pop Attitude” Soft Potty Seat with Potty Hook




Product Description

Minnie Mouse can help your little one face potty training with a “Pop Attitude” with this adorable Soft Potty Seat! There’s no better way to encourage your child to start using the adult toilet than by bringing in the lovable Minnie Mouse. This cute and colorful potty seat is constructed with durable plastic and built to last. The Patented, Easy Grip Handle design helps your little one feel safe & secure on the toilet and aids in building independence throughout the potty training process. To keep this potty seat hanging around, there is a character potty hook included that you can insert into the space on the back and hang on the toilet tank or elsewhere in the bathroom! This soft, cushioned seat is a welcome alternative for children to use versus hard plastic ones. All components come apart for an easy clean that gets every inch. These seats are a safe option all around as they are both BPA & Phthalate-Free. This potty seat fits on most regular & elongated toilet seats so it is ready to use anywhere in the house as soon as your child is!


  • Minnie Mouse soft potty seat fits on most regular and elongated toilets
  • Patented easy grip handles help build confidence and security
  • Includes character potty hook that is slim enough to hang the potty from the toilet tank
  • BPA and Phthalate Free for all around safe potty training
  • All components come apart for easy cleaning

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