MacGregor Baseball & Softball Adjustable Batting Tee




Product Description

Help your young batters along on their path to hitting greatness with this MacGregor® Batting Tee, so you can turn their dreams of slugging the walk-off homer in game seven into a reality. Assist little sluggers with building confidence at the plate by teaching them how to keep their eye on the ball, swing properly and knock it into play, as the tee’s height can be adjusted to accommodate players of different ages and heights. Whether batters make solid contact with the ball or whack the tee while taking their cuts, the batting tee stands up to the rigors of practices and games thanks to the solid rubber and metal construction.

  • Solid metal base provides added weight to help ensure stability during batting practices and tee-ball games
  • Rubber components stand up to repeated hits
  • Height adjusts from 20 – 36 in. to grow as batters grow
  • Helps young batters build confidence at the plate by teaching them to keep their eye on the ball and make contact to put the ball in play
  • Great for baseball and softball players of all ages to hone their swinging skill

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